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BFA recycle 100% of material received - nothing is wasted

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We recycle 100%.
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Dan Holder  |  Director

Recycling metal benefits everyone

As the demands of commerce and industry continue to grow, how we manage our natural and manufactured resources and find ways to re-use them, is becoming more and more important.

We can no longer afford to simply throw things away and forget about them. Raw materials are getting harder and more expensive to mine. Using waste for landfill is becoming less of an option. Yet the demand for quality metal product continues to grow.

With increasingly strict legal requirements and restrictions, industry is faced with the problem of ensuring that waste metals are handled and disposed of responsibly. BFA Recycling provides a solution that's not only good for the environment, but also good for business.

Commercial and domestic scrap

BFA Recycling is a local business providing a national service. Based in Harefield, Middlesex, we collect and deliver scrap metal from and to locations throughout the UK.

Our fully concreted and licensed 3-acre site is fully equipped to process hundreds of tonnes of ferrous and non-ferrous metals per day, by the truckload or one-off pieces of domestic scrap. We have no minimum weight limits.

Scrap is pre-sorted and compacted before being sheared into 5ft lengths for easy transportation and handling. We produce 1+2 and O/A grades of secondary raw material, which is then sold to refiners and metal producers for smelting and reprocessing.

Making scrap metal make sense

BFA Recycling is a family concern that's been buying and selling scrap metal for generations. We help turn scrap from an unwanted expense and inconvenience into a valuable income stream for commercial customers – and a useful bonus for one-off domestic customers. Scrap metal is our bread and butter.

From old washing machines and unwanted cookers to complete demolition site clearance, we don't just live, eat and breathe scrap metal - we love it.