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Producing recycled metal uses 40% less water than it takes to produce virgin product.

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We pay fair, we pay fast.
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Buying or selling, we aim to offer the best deal

BFA Recyclilng is an independent family business with family values. We believe that every supplier and every customer should get a fair deal.

That means we don't squeeze our suppliers or cut pay-outs with volume restrictions, or try and inflate prices to customers. We always have and always will pay what we deem to be a fair price for pre-sorted scrap metal. We offer immediate payment regardless of the size of consignment, however you like it – cash, cheque or bankers' draft.

Supply and demand

We handle hundreds of tonnes of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal, week in, week out, all year round. Our aim is simply to provide our suppliers with good value and our customers with a reliable source of secondary raw material. We play fair and pay fair.

We buy ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal of all kinds and produce quality sheared product, ready for reprocessing or smelting. We always have a ready supply of processed scrap available for immediate delivery.

Fully accredited

We are fully licensed by the Environment Agency and are members of the BMRA and NFDC who monitor and control standards within the metal recycling industry.