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Metal recycling is a £5.6 billion industry, employing over 8000 people in the UK

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The more metal we can
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Daniel Holder  |  Director

Recycling metal isn't just an option, it's a necessity

The more we produce and consume in our everyday lives, the more we need to recycle. The same is true in industry – and particularly in manufacturing.

Using recycled metal instead of raw ore is not only environmentally responsible, it also makes financial sense. It costs 70% more to mine material than it does to recycle it and helps to preserve the earth's resources. Recycling also reduces pollution and cuts down industry's CO² emissions.

Legislation is becoming more and more demanding, increasing the pressure on business to manage waste disposal responsibly, with hefty fines in place to ensure compliance. Landfill is no longer a viable, or acceptable, option.

Turning a problem into profit

BFA Recycling helps industry recycle over 400 million tonnes of ferrous and non-ferrous metal worldwide every year. We pay top rates, turning scrap metal into reusable material and a problem into a regular income stream for businesses of all sizes.

We are licensed by the Environment Agency and are members of the BMRA and NFDC, ensuring ethical and responsible scrap recycling.