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14% of the world's tin production uses secondary material and requires only 1% of the energy normally used

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Dan Holder  |  Director

Environmental policy

BFA Recycling are committed to the highest industry environmental standards and to protecting the environment and preventing pollution.

Our primary concern is the recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals by preparing them for use by processors, steelworks and foundries. This helps to reduce industry's long-term impact on the environment and the depletion of valuable raw materials. otherwise caused by extraction of metal ores and associated energy inputs. We consider our responsibility towards the environment to be a priority.

  • We are committed to providing training and support and maintaining dialogue with our staff on how to reduce the environmental impacts of our activities, products, services, where achievable and economically viable.

  • We will implement environmental management systems, providing a framework which leads to continual improvement in environmental performance through setting and reviewing objectives and monitoring achievement against targets.

  • Strategic planning will minimise the environmental effects of new developments and existing facilities through close assessment of potential environmental impacts.

  • Close attention is paid to the quality of the metal bought, processed and sold to reduce where possible the environmental impacts of storage, treatment and transportation.

  • We are committed to meeting and where practical, exceeding all relevant regulatory requirements of applicable environmental legislation and other standards to which BFA Recycling subscribe.

  • This policy is displayed at our site, communicated to everyone working for or on behalf of BFA Recycling, displayed on our website and made freely available to the public.

  • Requirements will be placed on contractors we employ to abide by BFA's environmental procedures.

The BFA Recycling senior management team is fully committed to ensuring that the policy is delivered and that the protection of the environment is promoted throughout the company.