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Recycling metal is good for the environment, saving millions of tonnes of CO² in production processes every year.

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Terry Haley  |  Managing Director

Demolition scrap; Turning throwaway into profit

Handling scrap metal from demolition sites is a huge part of our business and we understand the need for a reliable and regular service. Demolition companies are often faced with tight deadlines and access restrictions and we offer a fast and flexible service to help them meet those demands.

Over the years we have dealt with a great number of contractors large and small and have built up a reputation for providing a dependable scrap metal collection and processing service. We have the capability to handle all sizes and forms of interior and exterior scrap metal, from boilers, re-bar and girders to gantries, bridge sections and silos. We can also provide Certificates of Destruction if required.

Our extensive fleet of vehicles and containers can be deployed to ensure scrap is collected on time and the contract is kept on schedule.